Katarzyna  Branicka studies relationship between the heritage and places. She is obsessed with staging and theatricality and her series are often mise-en-scene of old as well as digital processes blended together to resemble their temporality and sensitivity. 
Originally from Poland Katarzyna graduated with BA Hons in Photography & Film from Edinburgh Napier University and currently lives in France, where she runs a photographic atelier.

2020-ongoing , Collaborator at Sense of Wonder , curated web-based exhibition
2019, Almost human , Exhibition in collaboration with Delta.Tours , France
2018-ongoing , Cultural Heritage Project in collaboration with Bertrand Chaigneau ( Branicka/Chaigneau ), Tours , France
2017, Guest Photography Lecturer , Edinburgh Collage , UK
2017, Canon Photography , Masterclass contributor , Mercedes Benz London , UK
2016, Studio Lighting Masterclass finalist , Profoto School,London,UK
2014-2015, Residency Artist, TNS Gallery & Studios , Edinburgh,UK
2014,Internship ,Visual Arts & Digitalization , Stills Gallery , Edinburgh,UK
2013, Futureproof Finalist,Street Level Photoworks , Glasgow
2012,EIN LAB,Art  Residency,In partnership with ISSP , Lodz FotoFestival,Berlin

All images © Katarzyna Branicka